Totally Underrated: The “W” Trek in Patagonia

The "W" trek in Torres del Paine, Chile is often overlooked by hiking enthusiasts. But those in the know will tell you, it is a wonderful park filled with changing scenery including snow capped mountain peaks, cascading rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and mirrored lakes. It's our founder's favorite hike - ever!

You will want to stay longer, but there is always more to see.

Relatives of the llama, guanacos are the largest land mammals in Patagonia.

The hike ends at the impressive Glacier Grey.

The Torres del Paine "W" Trek is a 7 day trip.

Contact us today and let us plan your unforgettable "W" trek in Torres del Paine.  Find out why this is our company founder's favorite trek - ever!