Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: Trail Conditions

The trails on Mount Kilimanjaro are well marked and maintained. Technical skills are not required on our routes. There are only a couple spots where scrambling (climbing on hands and feet) is required, such as the Barranco Wall, the Western Breach approach (now closed) and optional Lava Tower climb. The path to and from Uhuru Point is on scree, which can be especially tiring and slippery.

Bad weather conditions can complicate matters. Climbers should be prepared to trek through all types of weather, such as fog, rain, snow, and all types of earth, whether loose, dusty, muddy, wet, snowy or icy.

There are "long drop" public toilets at every campsite. Essentially, they are wooden structures built around a deep hole dug into the ground. There are no commodes in the public toilets. You relieve yourself in a hole cut into the bottom of the shack in a standing or squatting position. Given the crowds on Kilimanjaro, these public toilets see a lot of use and therefore can get rather dirty.

Private toilets are included on all of our climbs. Private toilets consist of a plastic toilet and a privacy tent.

There are no shower facilities on the mountain.