What is the Daily Trekking Schedule on Everest Base Camp?

Each morning, after packing your bags and eating breakfast, the day's trek will begin. We usually hike 3-4 hours and stop for lunch around midday. It’s then a shorter afternoon trek before reaching the day’s destination in time for afternoon tea. The rest of the day is free for exploring the village or relaxing. On some days the destination will be reached by lunchtime, so you have the afternoon free. Evenings are typically spent by having dinner and socializing in the common area.

We do not pressure or rush any of our trekkers to maintain a strict schedule. However, we do strive to be one of the first groups on the trail each morning, getting a head start on the day's trek. This allows us to be ahead of the crowds rather amongst or behind them, particularly during the high season. Over breakfast the guides will review the plan for the day and check if any one has any concerns or issues.