TREKKING THE HIMALAYAS: Food and Drink Along the Way

High altitude treks are taxing on the body, therefore it is important to stay hydrated and eat well. Our guides will fill your water bottles with micro-filtered water each day and will refill them as needed. We select quality lodges for our treks. They are slightly more expensive but they offer a larger selection of foods cooked fresh in the lodge kitchens.

Meals are included in our treks, which allows you to try different dishes and makes it easy to tailor to specific dietary needs, such as vegetarian or vegan diets. Food choices, pictured below, include basic Dahl Baht (lentils and rice), Masu (meat with curry), Momos (dumplings with meat or vegetables), Yak steak (additional charge), Pulao (fried rice) and much more. There are also Western dishes such as sandwiches, spaghetti, pizza, and french fries.

Once you arrive the lodge it is best to order your meal as soon as possible. The system is a first order, first serve basis and can get very busy.  Each morning you will be responsible for settling your bill before the day's trek.

An array of hot beverages (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) and cold beverages (soda, beer, juice) and an assortment of snacks (cookies, chocolate, potato chips) are also available. Food costs will depend on what you order but we recommend that you budget between $25 and $30 per day for your meals and drinks which will give you a good range of options.