Costa Rica Escape: What’s it Like?

Bringing a whole new set of tropical adventures to you, Ultimate Expeditions® delivers exciting experiences in beautiful Costa Rica - your next travel destination. The dramatic Costa Rican landscape is peppered with pristine coastlines, exotic wildlife and age-old rainforests just waiting to be discovered.

When is the Best Time to Visit Costa Rica?

There are two main seasons in Costa Rica, which varies by region. Running from mid December through April, the dry season is perhaps one of the best times to visit with clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

The green season runs from May until November with a short pause in rainfall during June and July. The showers produce lush growth in the rainforests, creating the beautiful verdant landscape that makes this region so famous. Traveling during this season is worthwhile for people who enjoy fewer crowds and vibrant backdrops.

10 Day Costa Rica Escape

Explore three of Costa Rica’s most beautiful national parks on our longest trip - the 10 Day Costa Rica Escape. From lush rainforests to unspoiled beaches to rugged mountainous terrain, you experience it all.

This trip first takes you on a wildlife tour of the Tortuguero canals. Tortuguero translates to Land of Turtles, but this jungle is teeming with all kinds of wildlife from crocodiles, caiman and iguanas to monkeys, bats, seasonal migratory birds and frogs.


A 4.5 mile hike will get you to the stunning Rio Celeste Waterfall. Don't forget your bathing-suit. You'll want to enjoy a swim in its crystal clear waters.


Get your heart pumping on this action-packed zip line ride and glide above the treetops.


How about an exciting mountain bike trip with the Arenal Volcano serving as your backdrop?


The adventure doesn't end there. This trip will have you kayak along the Manuel Antonio National Park coast,. Enjoy the exotic marine life beneath the water's surface in the Pacific Ocean.


Costa Rica is home to two adorable species of sloth, the brown-throated three-toed sloth and Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth.


Costa Rica hosts five per cent of the world’s biodiversity, even though it makes up just 0.03 per cent of the planet.



Our 10 Day Costa Rica Escape trip includes, domestic flight from Tortuguero National Park to Arenal Volcano National, ground transportation, meals and activities as indicated on the itinerary and the services of Ultimate Expeditions® guides.