Accommodations Along The Everest Base Camp Trek

We have a list of approved lodges which we use. All have been inspected to meet our standards and ensure a clean environment. On the trail accommodations cannot be booked in advance so during busy season we send a porter ahead to secure enough rooms for the group.The lodges are generally laid out in the same way. There is a common room where guests can sit down and relax, dine and hang out. A yak dung oven in the middle of the room is used to keep guests warm at night.

The further you get from Lukla the more basic the room accommodations will be. The rooms generally consisting of two wooden bench beds with thin mattresses, blankets, and pillows. Having your own 4 season sleeping bag and comfortable sleeping mat is essential on any trek. There is no heat in the rooms and the temperatures can be below freezing overnight.

Bathroom facilities range from flushable en suite toilets, to flushable shared toilets, to indoor pit toilets, to outdoor pit toilets. Toilet paper is available for purchase throughout the treks. Hot showers are not always available and most trekkers do not use them as the temperature inside these bathrooms can be quite cold.

Some lodges in will offer laundry, battery recharging, warm water bowls, and wifi for a fee. Bills are settled before leaving the lodge.

If you are climbing Island Peak or Mera Peak, there will be a couple of days in the itinerary when you camp. On these days we will provide tents, as well as food.