10 Day Galapagos Adventure

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Discover the Galapagos Islands through an active land tour that will deliver the most extraordinary of this world-class naturalist heaven. As you kayak, mountain bike, trek or snorkel you will experience incredible close encounters with sea lions, iguanas, giant tortoises, boobies, rays, a myriad of tropical fish! This is a socially and environmentally responsible tour that provides many benefits to local island communities. Learn and enjoy from top adventure and naturalist guides that will immerse you in the realm of natural history and evolution. 



Arrival in Quito

Your first day begins in Quito, the biggest and best preserved colonial city of America. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, Quito is imbued with rich history and culture – home to an ancient Inca Empire just waiting to be explored. Depending on your arrival, you will spend the day exploring the history of this cultural capital. In the evening, our trip leader will greet you at the hotel for a tour briefing. Today offers a great opportunity to soak in information, while allowing your body to acclimatize. Overnight in Quito.

Travel Day to Galapagos

From Quito, you will board a flight to San Cristobal Island, once here, travel to Puerto Moreno. We’ll discover the spectacular Pacific coast archipelago with its gleaming waters and brilliant topography, which coincidentally is also one of the locations that laid the foundation for Charles Darwin's origin of species theory.  In the afternoon, we head to “La Loberia,” home and nursery for large Galapagos sea lions, here we can enjoy the sea lions lively personalities while they launch over rock, swim and play.  Yellow warbler birds, frigate and several other birdlife species of Darwin finches line the beach. In-between the rocks you will spot marine iguanas, only seen in Galapagos.  Swim, explore the waters with snorkel equipment or simply enjoy the beach. Overnight (Breakfast)

Snorkel at Kicker Rock and  Isla de los Lobos (Sea Lions Island)

The morning begins with a speedboat ride from San Cristobal Island to Kicker Rock, known as the Sleeping Lion (Leon Dormido). Here we will enjoy many tropicbirds, frigate birds and boobies that fill the sky and beneath the crystal waters of the sea is a colorful display of a variety of fish, and diverse species of sharks.  After lunch, you will visit Sea Lions Island (Isla de los Lobos), where playful sea lions welcome us with to their home with curiosity.  The island offers great snorkeling and the opportunity to spot the blue-footed and Nazca boobies.  Overnight (Breakfast & Lunch)

Exploring Isabela Island on Two Wheels

In the morning, you take a short flight to Isabela, the biggest island within the archipelago and the area where lively volcanic activity takes place. The island is fringed with six volcanoes, five of which are still active, making it one of the most volcanically active regions on earth. When crossing islands, be prepared for the enthralling display of whales and dolphins around you (July to October).  The afternoon brings an exciting mountain biking adventure as we explore the beautiful coastline on an exclusive trail.  The path crosses through an incredible ecosystem with an abundance of wildlife.  On our ride we will also visit the “Wall of Tears,” a massive wall built with lava rocks by prisoners in the 50’s. After dinner you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the beach of Puerto Villamil.  Overnight (Breakfast)

Hike to Sierra Negra Volcano and Kayak in Tintoreras

The day begins with a drive from Puerto Villamil to the trailhead. Where we will prepare our backpacks for a hike to a fledgling forestry ecosystem, built on modern geological history. We will reach the rim of the still-active Sierra Negra Crater volcano. On arrival, immerse in panoramic vistas and discover different nuances of the lava-filled crater, extending over six miles across at its widest points. If you're up to continue hiking, we continue to the mesmerizing Volcan Chico for the opportunity to indulge deeper in puffing fumaroles and colorful lava formations. Discover the geological marvels as you hike through events that have sculpted the spellbinding beauty of Galapagos Islands over centuries. In the afternoon we will visit the Tintoreras Islet, a short distance from Puerto Villamil and home to impressive wildlife. The gorgeous turquoise waters are made even more exquisite thanks to the presence of Galapagos Penguins, reef sharks, sea lions and turtles. You can also visit a mangrove-fringed beach where marine iguanas successfully reproduce. Overnight (Breakfast, Lunch)

Lava Tunnels Exploration

We discover the remarkable lava formations shaped by the last Volcanic Island eruptions along the seashore. This mystical brilliance is a labyrinth of lava arches set amongst crystal-clear water filled with sea lions, eagle rays, reef sharks, sea turtles and much more. You'll have the opportunity to snorkel with these gorgeous creatures, while you relish the excitement of the curious Galapagos penguins playing around you. Some optional activities like snorkeling at Concha de Perla, surf lessons and biking are also available. Alternatively, you can unwind on one of the exotic white-sand beaches of Isabela Island. The giant tortoise breeding center is worth visiting thanks to the unique splendor it offers. Overnight (Breakfast, Lunch)

Santa Cruz, Charles Darwin Research Station

The morning begins with a speedboat ride from Isabela to Santa Cruz Island. Don't forget your photo-ready cameras to capture the jumping whales and dolphins around you (July to October). On arrival, you will check in at the hotel, with time to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to explore more of the endemic species you met on your adventure. In the afternoon a visit to El Chato in the Santa Cruz highlands, is home of the famous Galapagos tortoise. Your hike is brought to life with the enchanting scenery and paradise-like topography as you indulge in nature at its best. You'll also see other wildlife like egrets, flycatchers and pintail ducks along the way. Savor the opportunity to observe frigate birds gathering to wash salt off their feathers at the fresh water lake. Spend the evening back in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos' most populous and lively town. Overnight (Breakfast)

Free Day in Santa Cruz

Experience the Galapagos at your pace.  Enjoy a self-guided exploration 3.5 mile walk through a dry forest to Tortuga Bay, a pristine white sandy beach and nesting site to thousands of marine turtles.  This beautiful place invites swimming or snorkeling.  Alternatively, for an additionally cost, you can join numerous activities, such as a trip to Floreana or Bartolome Island or a scuba-diving day trip to name a few. Overnight (Breakfast)

Travel Day back to Quito

After your last breakfast on the Galapagos Island, you'll be transferred to the Baltra airport to catch your flight back to the mainland. Overnight. (Breakfast)

DAY 10

After breakfast you are transferred to Quito Airport for departures. (Breakfast)




  • Round-trip airfare from Quito, Ecuador to San Cristobal Island, Galapagos
  • Airport transfers 
  • Land and sea transportation
  • Accommodations 
  • Meals: 9 breakfasts and 3 box lunches
  • Activities - snorkeling at Kicker Rock and Isla de los Lobos, trek Sierra Negra, snorkeling in Lava Tunnels, kayaking in Tintoreras, biking to the Wall of Tears, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, and hike in Santa Cruz highlands
  • Snorkel mask and fins, life vest, mountain bikes, helmets, kayaks and paddles
  • Expert guides


  • International airfare
  • Meals not described in the itinerary
  • INGALA transit card
  • Galapagos National Park fee
  • Pier use fee at Puerto Villamil
  • Snorkeling gear for optional activities
  • Wetsuit
  • Tips

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