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The Best Trips for 2019

Where should you go to make 2019 the best yet? Take a look at our fully organized itineraries and find one that will make your heart soar! Grab a friend or a loved one and share the experience. Off The Beaten Path In South America 11 Day Bolivian Discovery Best time to visit: May through…
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Booking Domestic Flights in Nepal

Booking a domestic flight in Nepal is a unique experience that requires patience and an understanding of how flights are handled. Due to rapidly changing weather conditions, confirmed bookings and departure times are not provided for any domestic flight in Nepal. Keep this in mind when planning your trip and allow a few extra days…
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Nepal’s Royal Annapurna: What’s it Like?

Take the noble road to adventure on our Royal Annapurna Trek into the heart-stopping majestic Himalayas. This 7-day adventure to the world's highest lands gets its name from Prince Charles, who became one of the first outside visitors to make the trek through the farming villages of Kalikasthan and the gentle foothills north of the Pokhara Valley.…
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How to Pre-Acclimatize to Nepal’s High Altitude?

Everyone can benefit from using altitude training systems to pre-acclimatize to the high altitude. Altitude training systems work by simulating the high altitudes found in Nepal. The altitude training system reduces the percentage of oxygen in the air you breathe. Through regular use, the body undergoes physiological changes to cope with the lower oxygen level.…
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Nepal Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

Travel insurance is mandatory. All trekkers must be insured against medical and personal accidents including the costs of a helicopter evacuation. Being sick or injured in the remote regions of Nepal is very dangerous, and at times being rescued by helicopter is the best option. However, helicopter evacuation is very expensive ($4,000-$10,000). We want to…
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