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Uganda/Rwanda Trek and Safari Preparation

GEAR PACKING LIST The following packing list is only meant as a guideline as you may have your own preferences. The quantities listed below will vary depending on the length of your trip. Clothing Waterproof Jacket Soft Jacket, fleece or soft-shell Long Sleeve Shirt, light-weight (2) Short Sleeve Shirt, light-weight (2) Hiking Pants (convertible to…
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The Uganda Safari Experience

On our traditional safaris, clients travel inside a 4-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser with a pop-up style roof, which allows you to stand up in the vehicle and view animals unobstructed. The Land Cruiser can seat seven people comfortably. Land Cruisers are the undoubtedly the best vehicles for safaris, and are used exclusively by most…
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Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is 1,442 square kilometers (865 square miles) of true wilderness lying in the extreme northeastern corner of Uganda, along the borders with Sudan and Kenya. The vast savannah plains and rugged mountain landscape of Kidepo Valley National Park makes it a spectacular destination. It is the most remote of Uganda's parks.…
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Semuliki National Park

Semuliki Forest National Park is one of Uganda's most important safari destinations for bird watching and chimpanzee tracking tours. The 220 square kilometer (130 square mile) park is one of Africa's most biodiverse forests. It supports an exceptional variety of mammals, birds and butterflies. This is attributed to the forest's great age. During the dry conditions…
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Volcano National Park

Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcanoes), located in the Rwandan sector of the Virunga Mountains, is a 160 square kilometer (96 square mile) national park which ranges in altitude from 2,400 meters (7870 feet) to 4,507 meters (14,780 feet). The park has a range of six extinct and three active volcanoes which straddles the…
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