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Ultimate Guides On Everest Base Camp

The importance of having competent, high quality guides cannot be overstated when it comes to trekking in the Himalayas. Ultimate Expeditions® has the best local guides, all of whom are fluent in English and have received extensive training in first aid and mountain rescue. All of our guides are registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association.…
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Gorilla Treks: Want Something a Bit Wilder?

Gorilla treks are the only way to see one of the rarest animals in the world - the mountain gorilla. These gentle giants exist in the Virunga Mountains along the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. To protect the remaining population, governments have established strict guidelines…
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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: What’s it Like?

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the most famous hike in South America. Our expedition takes us through subtropical jungle, lush cloud forest and over stunning mountain passes until we arrive at the ancient site of Machu Picchu - the Lost City of the Incas. Our Peruvian guides lead the way on the well established trail,…
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Totally Underrated: The “W” Trek in Patagonia

The "W" trek in Torres del Paine, Chile is often overlooked by hiking enthusiasts. But those in the know will tell you, it is a wonderful park filled with changing scenery including snow capped mountain peaks, cascading rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and mirrored lakes. It's our founder's favorite hike - ever! You will want to…
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Everest Base Camp: What’s it Like?

It's like - amazing. Everest Base Camp is rated as one of the world's greatest hikes and for good reason. Not only are you hiking on the iconic Mount Everest - the tallest peak on Earth, but the scenery is equally as grand. Nepal is truly one of the most unique and beautiful places you…
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