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What is the Weather in Nepal?

Nepal offers a wide range of climates varying from tropical to arctic depending on the topography and altitude. The region offers four climatic seasons, but no matter what time of year you visit Nepal, be prepared for potential volatile conditions when on a mountain trek. The lowland plains experience tropical temperatures. Weather at higher elevations…
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Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking allows visitors to observe chimpanzees during their daily activities. The chimpanzees are habituated to humans, which means they are relatively unaffected by human presence. A guide, with the assistance of one or more trackers, leads the group in the forest and attempts to locate the chimpanzees. Depending on the time of day, you…
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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: What’s it Like?

It's like hiking from the Equator to Antarctica - in just one week. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain in the world and the highest peak in Africa. Celebrated for its picturesque beauty, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro offers spectacular vistas across five ecological zones. Because it is a non-technical peak, Kilimanjaro is an excellent…
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The Mountain Gorillas of Africa

There are two species of gorilla -the eastern and western gorilla. Within each species of gorilla, there are two subspecies. The western gorilla are divided into western lowland gorilla and Cross River gorilla, while the eastern gorilla are divided into eastern lowland gorilla and mountain gorilla. Gorillas live only in equatorial Africa. Subspecies Scientific Name…
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The Best Trekking in Nepal by Region

Depending on which route you take, plan on 14 to 20 days to complete our tours. Choosing a route is a personal choice and to help you decide we have listed our most popular treks below. All of the region's treks offer breathtaking views and an adventure of a lifetime. EVEREST REGION Mount Everest is…
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