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Uganda’s Wildlife Up Close & Personal: 7 Day Uganda Safari

7 Days of Wildlife Encounters, A Lifetime of Memories Uganda is among the top twenty tourist destinations in the world and one of the few places you can see mountain gorillas. Our 7 day safari visits the country's most exciting destinations. Uganda offers a scenic blend of savannah, rain forests, lakes and mountains. You can get up…
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Climb Aconcagua: The Tallest Peak in South America

Your Next Seven Summit The 19 Day Aconcagua Climb is an exciting trip for anyone who wants want to experience the thrill of high peaks, diverse flora and fauna, and exquisite landscape. Nestled in the Andes Mountains in Argentina, Aconcagua stands 22,841 feet above sea level. However, no technical skills are required to conquer this seven summit.…
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Destination Bhutan: The Chomolhari Trek

Mount Chomolhari is the second highest peak in Bhutan at 23,996 feet tall. The 10 Day Chomolhari Trek features high mountain hiking through remote valleys, across high passes and beneath snowy peaks to Chomolhari base camp. Along the way, we will discover sacred fortresses and temples like the sacred Tiger's Nest Monastery which sits on the edge…
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Footsteps of a Prince: Royal Annapurna

Take the noble road to adventure on our Royal Annapurna Trek into the heart-stopping majestic Himalayas. This 7-day adventure to the world's highest lands gets its name from Prince Charles, who became one of the first outside visitors to make the trek through the farming villages of Kalikasthan and the gentle foothills north of the Pokhara Valley.…
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Discover Bolivia

Explore the lost treasure of the Spanish Empire. A visit to this legendary outpost on the Andean Plateau begins with a tour of the old colonial grandeur of La Paz, Bolivia's enchanting capital city. In the days that follow, you will revel in the natural beauty and ancient atmosphere of this peaceful, cultured land. From…
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